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The Podcast that teaches everything from starting a regular brick and mortar business, and online business. To things you need to know about smart investing with limited income. Support this podcast:


How To Start A Drop Shipping Business
2020 Sep 2134m 50s
This is the complete guide on how to open a drop shipping business online..  This podcast talks about what is a drop shipping business, how to set it up, how to setup a warranty and return policy, and how to find and source products for your drop shipping store.
Becoming A Winner in Business
2020 Sep 1455m 16s
Do you have what it takes to become a winner in business or as an entrepreneur? To you know what it takes to become a winner in business?  Do you really know what a TRUE winner in business is?  In this podcast we will talk about what it takes, to be a winner in business, if you have what it takes, and what be it TRULY means to be a winner in business.
How to start a concession business
2020 Sep 0752m 6s
After listening to this podcast you should have everything you need to start and build a concession business.  To help you hot I have also added some important links helping you with different things to get you started.  I hope you like this podcast, and I with you all the success in your new business.
True Road To Wealth
2020 Aug 3138m 38s
Most people don't really realize what it takes to be truly wealth, and what type of mindset it takes.  They have seen the nonsense movies about wealthy people, and the nonsense reality shows but that is not the true reality and those are NOT the one percenters.  In this podcast I will try to dispel some of the myths about the reality, and let you know what it truly takes on your road yo becoming truly wealth.
What is now show me the money?
2020 Aug 3116s
A brief introduction
Investing in penny stocks
2020 Aug 2450m 9s
This episode is about how I invest in penny stocks, how they work, and my personal investment strategies.
How to make money with eBooks
2020 Aug 2031m 27s
This along with the links I have listed below will give you all the information you should need to make some eBooks, and start making a residual income from it.  I hope everyone is enjoying my podcast on different ways to make money, and if you would like a special podcast about a certain subject message me and I will try to get it out there for you.
Starting a Profitable eBay Business
2020 Jun 081h 8m 23s
This is a step by step guidance showing you how to setup both an eBay account, and a PayPal account because you need both to start an ebay business.  I also go through how to find products to sell, how to price them, how to take pictures of them, how to list them, and how to ship them.  In otherwords the complete program how to set up an eBay business.  I hope you like this and please subscribe for more podcasts.
In the Beginning
2020 Jun 0637m 43s
This Episode will tell you what our podcast is about, what future episodes will be about and all of the details of everything this podcast is about.  We hope you enjoy our podcast.