What I Had Heard Was
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Two sisters, high on life, offer you probable "facts" and delightful insight while sitting around their old dining room table. Unlike their mainstream counterparts, they broach all of the trending topics of our time. They're less accurate than Wikipedia, but more accurate than your racist uncle at Thanksgiving.


#22 Apples And Honey, Bi*ches [SEASON FINALE]
2020 Sep 2051m 58s
In the Season One finale, the sisters discuss what they’ve learned so  far on their podcasting journey and share the exciting changes coming  your way in Season Two.  A friendly game of Would You Rather/ What If  wraps up the season in the best way possible.  They also announce the  Season Two topic.  Tune in to be in the know.
#21 This Is A Live Recording
2020 Sep 1445m 56s
In this episode the sisters discuss the impact of Covid on the arts and live events.  What does the other side look like?  Who are the best new artists you've found while quarantined?
#20 My Husband, The Wealthy Sea Lion: Education In The Modern Day
2020 Sep 0651m 13s
In this episode, the sisters are joined by special guest, Cannon to discuss school in the current day and the challenges that have now presented with the pandemic.  From high school in the 90's to high school the 20's, not much has changed.  We all agree on one thing though and that's that high school sucks.
#19 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese
2020 Aug 3042m 23s
Do you have reoccurring dreams? Stress nightmares? Hopes for the future?  Are you a lucid dreamer?  What do your dreams mean?  What would you do if you won the lottery?  Join the sisters as they discuss all things dream related.  You might just learn a thing or two about a thing or two.
#18.5 Don't like people? Start your own business!
2020 Aug 2634m 25s
In this episode the sisters chat with Amanda Nielsen from Flower & Earth Handmade Soap about soap making, extreme dreidel, and 16 Kids And Counting.
#18 Renaissance Festival
2020 Aug 2338m 40s
Notice: No old ladies were hurt in the making of this episode.
#17 Merry Halloween
2020 Aug 1642m 27s
Weird nerds, creepy nerds, and Tyrannosauri reges unite!  Let's talk all things Halloween!
#16 Panic at the Dispo: Medical Marijuana
2020 Aug 091h 11s
Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals.  Please consult a physician prior to any medication changes.  Consult your local laws before purchasing or using medical marijuana.
#15 Your Mental Health Matters
2020 Aug 0255m 55s
TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains discussion of suicide, drug abuse, and mental illness.  Listener discretion is advised.
#14 Fairy Tales
2020 Jul 2631m 57s
The sisters discuss the dark origins of many current day Fairy Tales. Grimm's and Mother Goose told terrifying tales as you'll discover in this episode.