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Welcome to Shallow Waters, a podcast where I'll be talking about opinions like they're actual facts! Of course with some uplifting rants here and there, and even some guests! Join me, hate me, maybe even laugh a little. Also leave some voice messages. You know you want to. https://anchor.fm/shallowwaters/message


Rayshard Brooks should be alive
2020 Jun 1714m 39s
I'm getting worse and worse at typing what's going on in these episodes. I don't have anymore funny wit to throw here, so here I go:
Smells like revolution
2020 Jun 041h 36m 49s
Hey hey, Shallow Waters is back, and would you look here, we got friends joining me in a conversation about racial inequality, police brutality, and some good ol unity, are Erica and David.
Interracial Boogaloo
2020 Feb 1410m 12s
Welcome back! New question:
F*** Oprah
2020 Feb 0717m 30s
On this episode, we dive a litter deeper into my hatred of Oprah and Gayle. In light of the recent Kobe accusations, I kinda bring to light why so many people have been up in arms at their recent bullshit.
Illusion of Inclusion
2020 Feb 0413m 40s
Happy Black History month y'all!
Situationships, relationships, and fast food employees
2020 Jan 241h 2m 1s
Don't let the title fool you, this episode brings back Sameer, as a couple of y'all have asked for for oh so long, so go ahead and let that sink in real quick like. I'm for the people, ya know.
The Black Charge
2020 Jan 2114m 42s
It's what some people wanted and what nobody wanted, all at the same time! Just thoughts about MLK day and why exactly we don't celebrate any other black activists.
To clothe or not to clothe
2019 Dec 108m 54s
In this episode, I talk very briefly about Lizzo's recent NBA...wear, and pose the question of should she or should she not be wearing that out in public. I also toss my own little depiction of why this is even a controversy in the first place. Join, it'll be fun!
Late night R.Kelly Dissertation
2019 Jan 1016m 32s
Barely awake conversation about my feelings on the whole R. Kelly jazz. It was...very late while I was making this, so please forget the volume/ranting.
Catching up and pushing on
2018 Dec 301h 24m 45s
Welcome to the second episode of Shallow Water! Today, I'm talking with a good old friend of mine, Sameer Ahmad. Join me, as I interview this bodybuilding actor, and we chat about the importance of perseverance and always moving forward.