• Doug Austin and Chris Costis
14 episodes
Doug Austin and Chris Costis give up to 5 star reviews of each Formula 1 race!


S1E14 - 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix
2020 Oct 2755m 55s
Chris and Doug talk about the Portuguese Grand Prix at Portimão, the second time this season that F1 has raced at a track they've never raced before! Did it rain? Did it bring unusual situations? Did records get broken? Find out!
S1E13 - 2020 Eifel Grand Prix
2020 Oct 1258m 42s
Chris and Doug talk about the 2020 Eiffel Grand Prix... Formula 1's first time at the Nurburgring since 2013. How did this race rate? Listen to find out!
S1E12 - 2020 Russian Grand Prix
2020 Sep 2859m 50s
Chris and Doug sit down to discuss the 2020 Russian Grand Prix, including some of the penalties, on track, and off track escape road action. Join us!
S1E11 - 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix
2020 Sep 161h 3m 40s
Week two in Italy, week two of chaos! Join Chris and Doug as they unpack the events of the 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix.
S1E10 - 2020 Italian Grand Prix
2020 Sep 0848m 23s
Chris and Doug discuss the incredibly eventful 2020 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. If you haven't watched the race yet, WATCH IT!!! This was one for the ages.
S1E9 - 2020 Belgian Grand Prix
2020 Aug 3152m 39s
Chris and Doug review the 2020 Belgian Grand Prix. The only race on the calendar so far that is taking place on it's scheduled date (thanks to the coronavirus pandemic). Listen as we discuss the twists and turns of the race, and you'll be surprised to find out who takes the fastest lap!
S1E8 - Indy 500 Special Edition
2020 Aug 241h 20m 12s
In this (extra long) episode, Chris and Doug discuss the history of the Indianapolis 500 and it's interaction with Formula 1, including F1 drivers who have participated, and a bit about the "Andretti Curse." *NOTE* This episode was recorded prior to the running of the 2020 Indy 500, so we didn't know who had won at the time of recording this episode.
S1E7 - 2020 Spanish Grand Prix
2020 Aug 1743m 53s
Chris and Doug review the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix. Did it rain? Did we get crazy chaos? Find out what we thought!
S1E6 - 2020 70th Anniversary Grand Prix
2020 Aug 1259m 47s
Doug's on vacation which is why the episode is posted late, but we still managed to crank one out this week. See how Chris and Doug rate the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix!
S1E5 - 2020 British Grand Prix
2020 Aug 0352m 58s
Today, we review the 2020 British Grand Prix and throw in a few jokes. Will we play Brundle Bingo? Stick around, hopefully you won't get TIRED.... Hah. Listen now and know why that joke was funny...