Angels & Avocados
  • Mary Lynn Addy
7 episodes
This is a podcast that focuses on Spirituality and Health. My name is MaryLynn and I will be breaking down all the barriers, discussing two of the toughest topics around the world. Support this podcast:


Jumpstarting a Healthier Lifestyle
2020 Oct 2019m 18s
Holiday season is approaching, which means NOW is the best time to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. Why wait till New Years? Start now! On today's episode Mary Lynn discusses 6 tips & tricks to a healthier lifestyle. You don't want to miss out! Check out the Angels and Avocados Website for more information.
Thumb Thumbs & Tarot Readings
2020 Oct 0220m 52s
On today's episode Mary is joined by her sister Emma (aka Emmy). They laugh about ex boyfriend pet peeves and discuss Mary's tarot card readings.  You don't want to miss this episode.  Enjoy!
Exposing My Prayers
2020 Sep 2115m 20s
On today's episode, Mary exposes a certain prayer that targets personal growth and insecurities. Mary explains why she hasn't published an episode for a few months and gives thanks to those helping her through this season of chaos and uncertainty.  Mary points out that every morning is a new opportunity to create the life that you desire.  Do not shy away by leaning into fear; instead stand tall and proud of the life you are living--no matter the season.
Garbage In & Garbage Out
2020 Jul 151h 7m 19s
Today I am joined by my good friend Austin Handley. Austin shares his inspiring Testimony, and we discuss what it's like to be a Christ follower in our world today, We share stories and evaluate our own hearts along the way. Austin shares some great advice on "garbage in and garbage out." He paints a beautiful picture of what we ingest (physically and spiritually) and how that is reflected in our every day lives. You can go follow Austin on Instagram @theautinhandley and please checkout his Blog,! Thank you for tuning in!
Clay Creatures
2020 Jul 0113m 54s
In today's episode, Mary discusses how humans were made of dust. She examines scripture that points to God being the potter and how humans are the clay.  She explains why humans should be looking to Jesus, so that we can all be reshaped and remolded into the people we were always meant to be: God's Children.
A Man Named Buck
2020 May 2329m 35s
Hello Everyone! This first episode is a great introduction to my thoughts and feelings on Spirituality and Health. I give a short version of my own personal journey along with future themes and topics for the podcast as it evolves.  I have picked two very tough topics to discuss for a purpose and I encourage you to reach out because I want to learn and grow with you! I hope you enjoy!