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Compressor Remanufacturing with Jason Staiano
2020 Oct 261h 14m 6s
We-re diving deep into the process of remanufacturing a compressor.  Camron was feeling a bit sickly, but don't worry it wasn't the 'rona'.  Ulises tells us about the yuge Fieldpiece clamps, Chad fixes an ice machine, and Ruben waits for the electricity to get hooked up.  Go visit National Compressor on Instagram, Facebook, and youtube.  Also, give us a rating and leave us a comment.  We would love to hear what yall think.
Copeland Compressor - Don Gillis
2020 Oct 191h 20m 55s
We really enjoyed talking about Copeland Compressors with Don Gillis.  We had some technical difficulty; however, we persevered and adapted to bring you some information about troubleshooting Copeland Compressors.  We are looking forward to having Don on again in the future to take a deeper dive into more specific compressors operation issues.  If you would like to find out more about Copeland training opportunities you can visit the website at https://climate.emerson.com/en-us/training-support/hvacr-training.
Ammonia leak detection with Cool Air Inc.
2020 Oct 121h 6m 49s
We're talking ammonia leak detectors with Kevin and Mark from Cool Air Inc.  We also talk about the diversitech 007, ice fishing, and handlheld leak detectors.  Please leave us a rating and review, we would really appreciate it.
Isel Inc - Rick Chabot
2020 Oct 051h 13m 40s
Tonight Ulises and I were left alone to speak with Rick Chabot from Isel Inc. about all things oil and Armorgel.  Can you reuse that can of POE oil that you opened up?  Is pulling a deep vacuum detrimental to your oil?  What is Armorgel?  For the answers to these questions stay tuned.  If you hate oil and wanna go straight to hearing about Armorgel, skip to about the 56 minute mark.  Also, please give us a rating in Itunes if you haven't already and leave us a review if you have time.
KE2 Therm Solutions - John Whitworth
2020 Sep 271h 10m 36s
On this episode we talk to John Whitworth from Ke2 Therm Solutions.  We also cover new ASHRAE dates, KE2 Therm wifi tool, side job bob, and more missed phone calls.
Pro Refrigeration - Damon Reed
2020 Sep 2150m 25s
Tonight we talk to Damon Reed from Pro Refrigeration about all things chillers.  We also talk about P.O.E. valves, Reta National Conference, Vegas racks, nitrogen mishaps, and a missed call.
Ammonia Operator Training - SCS Tracer
2020 Sep 1441m 30s
Tonight we talk oil leaks, boiler doors, ghost voltage, and toothless spider gears.  Also we have our first guest on the show, Tyler Ramos, to talk about SCS Tracer and the training that they are providing for ammonia refrigeration operators.
Episode 2
2020 Sep 0755m 21s
Tonight we talk about the Supco Porta Blaster, how long it took us to feel like we could do our job well, and a couple of the mistakes we've made over the years.  Next week we are going to have Tyler Ramos on the show to talk about SCS Tracer and ammonia operator training.
HVACRadio Episode 1
2020 Aug 3137m 26s
Tonight the crew gives a little bit of their education and job history background.  We talk for a short time about trade schools laugh a lot at our podcast shortcomings.  We hope you enjoy the podcast and that you can find entertainment in our shortcomings as podcast hosts.  We plan to have some great guests on the show to talk about all things HVACR.  If you have a show idea you can shoot us a message on our IG at HVACRadio or send an email to info@hvacradio.com.