Update Podcast
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5 episodes
Each week 4 hosts have a casual chat about all things digital such as mobile apps, web design, marketing & AI.


S02 Episode 30: The Fate - Facebook F8
2017 Apr 2421m 22s
Join Shaun, Sophie and Adam in this final episode of Update Podcast. In this episode we discuss the fate of Facebook following their F8 conference.
S02 Episode 29: Red Top? Red Flag! - Fake News
2017 Apr 1850m 25s
Join Shaun, Sophie and Rhi as they discuss a term that has cropped up recently, Fake News.
S02 Episode 28: Shockvertising - Controversial Marketing Campaigns
2017 Apr 1037m 13s
Join Shaun, Sophie and Adam discuss various marketing campaigns that push the boundaries controversially, creatively or whatever we find interesting-ly.
S02 Episode 27: Use Wingdings - End-to-End Encryptions
2017 Apr 0337m 14s
Join Shaun, Sophie and Alan as they take a look at end-to-end encryptions that are used on certain services such as WhatsApp. Should there be backdoors? Listen to find out.
S02 Episode 26: SEO Is King? - Importance Of Web Design
2017 Mar 2733m 24s
Join Shaun, Rhi and Sophie as they take a look at all the important elements that make up great web design. What’s most important? the user? the design? SEO? Listen to find out more…