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This is Real Oregon Lifestyles. Andrea and Jen are two licensed real estate brokers who share their thoughts and insights on Oregon local markets and the REAL Oregon Lifestyle!


Condos and HOAs, What You Need To Know
2020 Oct 2224m 58s
Every wonder what its like to live the condo lifestyle? Jenn and Andrea discuss all you need to know about condos and HOAs.
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Real Estate Photos
2020 Oct 1522m 8s
Jenn and Andrea explain more about how to deal with season changes and real estate photos.
College Savings and College Rentals
2020 Oct 0828m 6s
Jenn and Andrea discuss how rentals can be used to fund your kids college and house them too!
What's Hot and What's Not 2020
2020 Oct 0129m 6s
Jenn and Andrea discuss today's decor options. What's hot and what's not. Should you put a knight in shining armor in your living room? Should you not? We reveal what to do.
Smoke and Fires
2020 Sep 111m 59s
Jenn and Andrea thank you for your patience as we postpone our episode to next week. Local fires and smoke have wreaked havoc on many parts of Oregon. We will pick up where we left off next week. Please see realoregonlifestyle.com for ways to help.
Debt Free Is The Way To Be
2020 Sep 0325m 11s
Jenn and Andrea welcome special guest, Breanna Stephens, to share her story about becoming debt free.
Seekout Seltzer Review
2020 Aug 2846m 46s
Jenn, Andrea, special guest Keith Kolkow, and producer Andy taste the new SeekOut Seltzers from 2 Towns Cider.
What Every Buyer Wants To Know
2020 Aug 2131m 39s
This special episode is dedicated to buyers. We get many of the same questions about how people are buying in this market. We answer those questions.
Housing Market Updates and Plant-demic Special with Keith Kolkow
2020 Aug 1433m 40s
Jenn and Andrea talk with Keith Kolkow, candidate for Albany city council, who also happens to be an avid gardener. Listen for great info on the real estate market and fun gardening tips!