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The SHOUT! Radio is a platform for podcasts that go straight to the heart. They are dialogues and monologues that reveal the extraordinary stories of the living and the eternal, chronicles of experiences that are relatable, inspiring and evoke empathy, voices for everything that matters to anyone and everyone. Press play and come alive.


Soul Searching - Whispers on SHOUT! - with Aurelio of Svaram
2020 Oct 2844m 24s
In this "Soul Searching" podcast, Aurelio, the creative director of Svaram, takes us through his journey in the development and manufacture of innovative musical instruments - the inspiration, the influences, the vision, the story!
SPECIAL SHOUT!S - Matters of The Art - with Lalit Verma
2020 Oct 288m 42s
In the third podcast in a series titled, "Special SHOUT!s", Lalit Verma, pioneer of the Arts, speaks of his commitment to providing artists - young and established - a platform and opportunities to showcase their Art.
BLARE AND BLAZE - with Santanu Datta
2020 Oct 2625m 19s
We speak with Santanu Datta in this third podcast in a series titled, "Blare and Blaze". He's a leading classical guitarist and a composer of contemporary classical music. He's an intellectual with a lot of heart and a lot of Art indeed. Listen and...
SPECIAL SHOUT!S - The Satya Story - with Chitra Shah
2020 Oct 241h 6m 16s
This Special SHOUT! is the story of The Satya Special School narrated by its Director, Ms. Chitra Shah. For those with special needs, for the differently abled, for mental wellness and for a lot of children and their childhoods, listen to this.
SOUL SEARCHING - Roots That Nourish - with Marina Balakrishnan
2020 Oct 2238m 18s
This conversation with Chef Marina Balakrishnan, founder of Oottupura, a vegetarian Keralite dining experience, reveals a spiritual, earthy and nostalgic dimension to her cooking, all at once.  It is a nourishing segment on a series that allows you to...
BLARE AND BLAZE - with Rooshabh Doshi
2020 Oct 2134m 39s
This is the first podcast in a series called "BLARE AND BLAZE" that documents the journeys of young musicians! Rooshabh speaks of how his dream about music has evolved over the years.
2020 Oct 1926m 4s
This podcast is part of a series titled, "Special SHOUT!s" on The SHOUT! Radio, on the efforts of organizations and individuals to enrich our community. It is the story of The Keystone Foundation, situated in the Nilgiris, from the founder himself!...
MASCULINITY MATURES - with Navneet Patil
2020 Oct 1842m 48s
In this first podcast of the series, "Masculinity Matures", Navneet Patil discusses the trials, tribulations and triumphs on his journey as a Male Indian Classical Dancer. This is revelatory and inspiring - a breakthrough podcast for The SHOUT! Network.
BLARE AND BLAZE - with Aditya Ashok
2020 Oct 1653m
This is the first podcast in a series called "BLARE AND BLAZE" that documents the journeys of young musicians! Aditya Ashok speaks of the time music first moved him and how he plans to make others move to his.
CASE FOR CARTOONS - with Ahmed Sikander
2020 Oct 1438m 4s
This is the first podcast in a series on cartooning! We speak with Ahmed about his journey and how he got around to being on it.