Lettin' All The Heat Out!
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Each week four dads use humor, intellect, and acutely attuned rage to engage in open, honest and informative discussions involving the latest topics in hip-hop culture, sports, mental and physical health, politics, world news, business, the arts and everything in between. The on-going discussions, sometimes with local guests or national figures, are centered around fathers determined to ensure they are raising their children in a safe and informed environment, while they navigate the ever-changing and complex world around them. Get ready for this smoke, because the Capitol Dads are Lettin' All The Heat Out!


Ep.22 "The Doctor Is In"
2020 Jan 231h 4m 42s
Ep.21 "Is it 2021 yet?"
2020 Jan 2353m 41s
Your favorite CapitolDadsDC crew is back in the building for 2020 and already everyone at the table is incredibly overwhelmed and TIRED, TIRED, TIRED! But we still talking all that JAZZ. Come on in and check out the vibe!
Ep.20 "Happy HollaDAZE"
2020 Jan 0944m 25s
Fresh for Kwanzaa, Festivus, Hanukkah, and BLACK Santa, the #CapitolDadsDC crew is back at the table of fellowship to talk about everything HOT and what's NOT. Get into this special holiday edition of Lettin' All the Heat Out and listen to the Dads talk about what's going on in our news cycle as we move into the holiday season.
Ep.19 "2 Dads, 2 Mics"
2020 Jan 0950m 20s
The @CapitolDadsDC crew takes it back to the beginning with the originators. The Griot and the Basher lock down the studio and talk THANKSGIVING rituals and standards. You'll laugh out loud at this one. What are your Thanksgiving Family RULES and REGULATIONS?!?! Tell us online @CapitolDadsDC, we want to hear from you. Happy Holidays folks!
Ep.18 "I'm gonna build a museum!" w/Jon West-Bey
2020 Jan 0955m 20s
The #CapitolDadsDC crew sits down with museum curator, Jon West-Bey as he talks museums, politics, the arts, and SELF-RELIANCE. Get into this good brother and what he has to say about his life work. Also, we talk #ColinKaepernick and the #NFL workout that never was. Special shoutout to #JemeleHill and 'OleBoy for black love and gettin' hitched!! CHEERS, from US.
Ep.17 "WTF is Daylight Savings Time?"
2020 Jan 0949m 19s
Your favorite #CapitolDadsDC crew is BACK and giving it to you raw with a new episode for your ears! We talk Daylight Savings Time, "latchkey kids"; Chicken Wars and DISrespect. Get on board with Lettin' All the Heat Out. You're gonna love it!
Ep.16 "You Win Some, You Lose Some"
2020 Jan 0945m 18s
SIP John Witherspoon, we SALUTE you! The CapitolDadsDC crew debates Barack Obama's latest comments on ACTIVISM and also, who OWNS Hip-Hop culture and its terminology?
Ep.15 "Hugs and Forgiveness" Part 2
2019 Oct 2247m 34s
Listen in on the @CapitolDadsDC crew as they finish their discussion on the Dallas Police Department and the Fort Worth Police Department in the wake of the murders of Joshua Brown and Atatiana Jefferson. Hear four dads struggle with the state of police violence against black people in this country.
Ep.14 "Hugs and Forgiveness" Part 1
2019 Oct 2250m 51s
This week, the @CapitolDadsDC crew breaks down the Dallas Police Department and the Amber Guyger verdict. And just what does forgiveness look like to you? All this and more here on Lettin' All the Heat Out!
Ep.13 - "Father Time"
2019 Oct 0948m 18s
Your favorite @CapitolDadsDC crew is back in the @202Creates studios to break it all down to the bone gristle and lay it out flat for all you good folks. Jump on in and download the latest Lettin All The Heat Out podcast to hear about the latest and greatest in our daily discourse, from "Snitching" to an impeachment inquiry and raising children in 2019. Come have a listen. You're gonna love it.