There Is More
  • Sean and Simone Bracken
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Sean and Simone Bracken dive into topics such as health, wellness, business, finances, faith, marriage, parenting, and so much more!


Moving Forward | Living Limitless
2020 Oct 2645m 20s
In the final installment of the Living Limitless series, Sean and Simone discuss moving forward! After dealing with the external need for approval and the internal struggle of guilt and shame, they share their best wisdom and advice for how to move...
Breaking The Hold Of Shame | Living Limitless
2020 Oct 1954m 11s
In this episode of the There Is More mini-series "Living Limitless", Simone and Sean tackle the topic of shame. While shame can often paralyze it's victims, we hope this advice and our candid experiences with this issue will energize and mobilize you to...
Shattering Your Need For Approval | Living Limitless
2020 Oct 1250m 32s
This episode kicks off a new series here on the There Is More podcast called Living Limitless! In this series, Sean and Simone break down some of the most common factors limiting you from living your life at full capacity. They challenge listeners to...
Going Against the Grain in Parenthood | Breaking Traditions, Raising Limitless Kids, and Emotionally Present Fatherhood
2020 Oct 051h 1m 9s
This episode dives into the nitty-gritty of parenthood as Sean and Simone discuss what they learned from their parents, the advice they've gotten (good and bad) from those around them, and the values they have set for their family.For daily lifestyle,...
What We Wish We Knew In Our 20's | Finances, Relationships, Standards, and More!
2020 Sep 2853m 30s
This episode covers all things adulthood: finances, relationships, self-respect and more! This is wisdom we wish we knew when we were in our twenties and all we've learned along the way through trial and error. For daily lifestyle, business, and...
How Stress Almost Killed Me | Adrenal Fatigue
2020 Sep 2159m 11s
In this episode, Sean and Simone discuss the events and habits that put Sean, a seemingly healthy 28-year-old at the time, in the hospital with a 600 blood sugar count and facing a diabetes diagnosis. They share about his journey with adrenal fatigue...
Get To Know Us | Meet the Brackens
2020 Sep 1449m 41s
In this premiere episode of the There Is More podcast, you'll get an inside look into Sean and Simone's lives. Childhood, family, awkward teen years (Simone), run-ins with the cops (Sean), the first time they met, business ventures, and more! For daily...