• Conor Hayes
4 episodes
Conor Hayes is a young Director of Photography traveling around in his self converted camper van. In this podcast he talks all about his life style, his hobbies and the stuff he and other people his age struggle with.


Episode 4 - Fast fashion and the fashion landscape in Ireland W/ Jake Cupl
2020 Oct 1835m 16s
In this weeks episode I chat with creative and around good guy Jake Cupl. We chat about fashion in Ireland and fast fashion in general, we also talk about being a creative working in a creative agency these days ! Oh and did I mention we open the episode talking about burritos.
Episode 3 - Modern day religion & Creative freedom W/ Andy Asco
2020 Oct 0434m 15s
In this episode i talk to a local Irish creator Andy Asco. We chat a-lot about religion in the modern world and the creative process. We also talk about mental health and the stigma that is still around it in this society, as well and some more fun topics like movies and tv shows.
Episode 2: The world of freelance & The van build guide.
2020 Sep 0626m 59s
In this episode we talk more about the documentary im working on, we talk about all the nerdy camera bits. We also chat about my van build project in more detail and then discuss what its like to be a free lancer here in Ireland.
Episode 1: Converting a camper van & Shooting a documentary.
2020 Aug 3025m 55s
This is the first episode of my new podcast where I talk about everything and anything I want to. In this episode I chat about shooting a documentary and everything thats involved in that, we talk about my self converted camper van and try to figure out what's more important in life, belongings or experiences.