A Flower For Your Thoughts
  • Wonder
3 episodes
This is just a girl who talks about thoughts and how we go hard on ourselves. She offers flowers and love to those thoughts that are common to us all and just wishes us to be a little kind to ourselves. Also hopes that her podcasts find you thriving. (Also apparently likes to talk to herself in second person)


Us, the ordinary people
2020 Oct 199m 6s
What if I never achieve anything remarkable. What if I'll just fade away with time and never remembered and other thoughts my silly erred self talks about. I hope this podcast finds you thriving ♥️
The art of being
2020 Sep 0715m 44s
This is silly me talking (non scripted) about confronting the voices that incessantly bully us and drag us down. I hope this podcast finds you thriving
Purpose of our lives
2020 Aug 228m 14s
a life devoid of any purpose is mere existence . This podcast talks about the importance of the meaning of our lives and how to strive towards it. I hope  this Podcast finds you thriving