Backstage at The New Theatre
  • Andrew Burden
11 episodes
Every week catch up with what's coming up at the New Theatre, the only student run theatre company in the UK. The students put on a new play every single week, with amazing results. But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself.


Backstage at The New Theatre: Hymns
2011 Nov 303m 19s
This week it's a very different production from the New Theatre students.
Backstage at The New Theatre: Bed by Jim Cartwright
2011 Nov 302m 22s
The students at The New Theatre are in bed this week - Jim Cartwright's to be precise.
Backstage at The New Theatre: Macbeth
2011 Nov 302m 16s
This week the students take on the challenge of the Scottish play.
Backstage at The New Theatre: The Hothouse
2011 Nov 163m 19s
This week Backstage visits the set of Harold Pinter's The Hothouse.
Backstage at The New Theatre: Look Back in Anger
2011 Nov 142m 12s
This week we're backstage on the set of Look Back in Anger, by John Osborne.
Backstage at The New Theatre: Rope by Patrick Hamilton.
2011 May 113m 49s
In the latest Backstage, get a sneak peek of this week's play 'Rope', a thriller written by Patrick Hamilton and later adapted for the big screen by Alfred Hitchcock.
Backstage at The New Theatre: The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh
2011 Mar 313m 12s
We're back on set of the New Theatre's latest and greatest. This week it's the turn of the hilarious and anarchic 'The Lonesome West' by Martin McDonagh.
Backstage at The New Theatre: Smile by Stephen Lowe
2011 Mar 223m 4s
We're back on set with the New Theatre bunch. This week's play is by local writer Stephen Lowe and focuses on the aftermath of the Bosnian war, from two very different viewpoints.
Backstage at The New Theatre: Cradle Me
2011 Mar 093m 22s
This week we're behind the scenes on the set of Cradle Me by Simon Vinnicombe.
Backstage at The New Theatre: After the End by Dennis Kelly
2011 Mar 083m 42s
Backstage gives you a weekly sneak-peek at the latest plays from The New Theatre, Nottingham's award winning student run theatre company. This week we visit the set of After the End, written by Dennis Kelly. For more information and to book tickets visit