• Emily Tan
4 episodes
Black belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professor - Mike Uka Parry (Mongolian-born British Competitor) and white belt practitioner - Emily Lola Tan (Worldly FitPro/Cancer Fighter) - talk all things BJJ, mental jiu-jitsu and lifestyle with the community


Liv Jiu Jitsu | Livia Giles #4
2020 Aug 201h 21m 3s
Livia Giles is a top-ranking BJJ competitor and a well respected coach, a major influence of women's BJJ. In this episode, we talked about making money with jiu-jitsu, insurance and its importance when competing, injuries and longevity in the sport, choosing and communicating with training partners and mobility advantages.
A Champion Way of Life | Chris Newman #3
2020 May 2134m 1s
Chris Newman got his black belt within 6 years under Marco Canha (no martial arts experience to BJJ), coaches at a prestigious BJJ academy Fightzone in London, proudly holds 5 titles as European Champion in both gi and nogi... and is known for his X-guard. Get to know his resilient way of life in this episode with Mike and Emily!
#2 Business Minded Fighter | C.W.Khyn
2020 May 0950m 25s
MMA fight champion, BJJ competitor, martial arts coach, co-founder of a social media marketing company AND of Cabana Acai Malaysia - has he achieved all of this by hacking a lifestyle of short commute between work and passion?