ShamanicYogi & ThousandSuns Portal to the Infinite!
  • Patrick colasanti
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This podcast is a portal for Transmutation, Liberation, and Leadership leveling up. Connecting with the deep esoteric teaching that move through and weave together the indigenous roots of our ancestors to the modern day movements of our minds and bodies. Offering information and opportunities for all of us to active the god consciousness in us all. The true self. Carving and casting away what is not to shine what truly is.


Ancestors, Grief, Burial Ritual
2020 Oct 2526m 3s
Welcome everyone and thank you for toning in. Here is a link to the retreat page. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel the call. If the link does not work go to events page in . Follow us on Instagram at @naic_thousandsuns & @shamanicyogi
Habitual vs Ritual
2020 Oct 1422m 59s
Stepping out of the habitual, bringing mindfulness, presence, and spirit into every moment; unlocking the prosperity and abundance that is the birthright of all of us.
What is ShamanicYogi and NAIC Thousand Suns.
2020 Oct 0445m 40s
This is a little background on our portal offerings with some esoteric wisdom sprinkled in. Sat Nam and thank you for listening.