• Sean Attempts
4 episodes
Sean Attempts returns to the screen. Except it’s static and representative of his bedroom wallpaper. You never knew he’d gone, oh well. Listen anyway, he has yarns to spin and spin them he will on his yarn twirling...oh never mind that wasn’t going to work. He recounts his life and its livelier than Britain’s dullest man Kevin Beresford; famous for travelling the length and breadth of the country in search of the best roundabouts the UK has to offer. Yes, I googled Kevin just like you did too.


Episode 3 - Papier-mâché
2020 Oct 1913m 57s
Sean decides to get crafty. Unfortunately it has ramifications that will shake his very core.
Episode 2 - The Way of the Hand
2020 Oct 1611m 27s
Sean praises strong survivor Julie and recounts a story from his past about the cutthroat world of hand models.
Episode 1 - Sean’s introduction - A Life Less Ordinary with absolutely no Ewan McGregor.
2020 Oct 1311m 37s
Sean introduces himself and tells you about his employment history. Sucked in? You should be, he doesn’t mess around; he’s as serious as a DVLA form.
2019 May 271s