Room in the Margins
  • Kate Rose
8 episodes
Room in the Margins is a podcast from Kate Rose Communications where we share stories about the messiness of the human condition. Through 1:1 interviews, the show explores tales of identity, self-reflection, and growth, raising a toast to all the times we silly monkeys stumble in between.


Episode 8: Jon Thornton, Undeclared
2020 Sep 1433m 7s
Jon Thornton is a proud dad, artful fundraiser, coffee connoisseur, and a former pastor who grew up in the Seventh-Day Adventist tradition. These days, he’ll be the first to tell you that he doesn’t have all the answers. In fact, he’s largely undeclared when it comes to his major in the order of the universe, and I think that this openness is one of the best things about him. He currently makes miracles happen (the secular ones where a bunch of good people get together and create something incredible) at Make a Wish™.
Episode 7: Waringa Kamau, Third Culture Kid
2020 Sep 1422m 32s
For my money, no 30 under 30 list would be complete without today’s guest, Waringa Kamau. I met Waringa when we were working together in her hometown of Nairobi, Kenya. She and I were dispatched to the informal settlements there, where we recorded the stories of Mukuru residents. In the meantime, she’s gotten her Masters from UC Berkeley and worked at Al Jazeera, CNN, and Bloomberg. She’s a mind on the rise and I’m so excited to see where she goes next.
Episode 6: Teresa Ruiz Decker, Chingona
2020 Aug 1530m 19s
Teresa is a writer, mama, nonprofit consultant and self-proclaimed "chingona" (reclaimed Spanish term for a female badass), who is exploring her ancestry and finding all kinds of new ways to think what it means to be American. It's the 4th of July, so please enjoy a socially distanced sparkler as we scheme up an inclusive liberation.
Episode 5: Tanya Beat, Queerfully Feminist
2020 Jul 1528m 34s
Tanya Beat is the Director of both the Commission on the Status of Women and the LGBTQ Commission for the County of San Mateo in the San Francisco Bay Area. In August, she'll convene RISE 2020, a virtual conference for women of color, focusing on connecting women to resources, mental health and wellness, youth projects, and running for office so that we can make seismic change.
Episode 4: Julie Ann Rivers-Cochran, Advocate
2020 Jun 1529m 58s
Julie Ann Rivers-Cochran, MSW, is a nonprofit consultant, domestic violence prevention advocate, and an avid Dave Matthews Band fan. It’s episode 4 and this one starts out with a special visit from The Patriarchy.
Episode 3: Neil Cox, Polymath
2020 May 1530m 8s
Neil Cox, M.D. is a family physician with the Ho Chunk Nation in Wisconsin. He also served in the Peace Corps in Tanzania where he learned Swahili, permaculture, and how to cope with an entire country of Andrews (his older brother). It's Episode 3 and we're "Roomies" now, so let's get into it, mungu akipenda.
Episode 2: Heather Spooner, Hand-Lettering Artist
2020 Apr 1520m 3s
Heather Spooner "draws letters for a living" with her studio, Ampersand Lettering Lab. In this episode, we find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real...about their career choices.
Episode 1: Tim Baase, Author
2020 Mar 1518m 54s
Tim Baase is the author of Lake City, a manuscript about growing up queer in rural Michigan. In this initial audio adventure, I begin in the closet (literally) and end up discovering how one man's creative project to heal his past sends us all a message to, "be the person you needed when you were younger."