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Who am I? What is my purpose? What really is a boomin' business? In a world full of constant noise and distractions, tune in to the BOOM, and watch in amazement as he BOOMs through you. Join Keith Toogood & Roswell Smith Jr. as they have revealing conversations surrounding what it means to be a business operating on mission. The creator of the BOOM - the BOOM Himself - the great I Am - Almighty God - the Creator of the universe - He wants to BOOM, but here is the beautiful thing; he wants to do it through you. He can’t wait to explode on the scene, impact you, and create a ripple effect that can be felt around the world. He wants the BOOM that happens in you to make waves in the lives of those around you. Can you imagine if you made an impact for God’s kingdom that created waves that rippled across the globe? You can, & He will. You can become the epicenter of that BOOM! No matter how much noise there is in the world around you, the BOOM will always stop everyone in their tracks. It trumps everything. So there's just one question left: What does it mean to be the epicenter of the BOOM?


The Kingdom at Work
2020 Oct 2046m 34s
In today's episode, Keith interviews Rick Betenbough. Rick talks about how He got started in business, his journey to letting God run his business, and what that looks like for him today.
The Third Pillar of BOOM Part 2
2020 Oct 0644m 25s
Keith and Roswell dive into, and dissect, the third pillar that BOOM is built upon. What does it mean to be created in God's image and who were the disciples really? What does that mean for us today? Step into The Epicenter to find out.
The Pillars of BOOM Part 1
2020 Sep 2347m 32s
Welcome to the first episode of The Epicenter. In this episode, Keith & Roswell discuss the journey God took Keith on to build the mission & purpose of BOOM. You'll hear how God built Keith's faith & challenged him to run his businesses as ministries. They also talk about the launch date & it's importance.