Life Outside the Sack
  • Robin & Matthew
3 episodes
Life since we were in our father's testicles.


EP9 - Inside the Mind of a Girl ft. Lauren
2019 Jan 2759m 56s
This is definitely our best episode yet as Robin and Matthew interview the "Platinum Blonde Shorty" from EP4. We pick the brain of Lauren Walker, a student at UOttawa. Topics range from approaching girls, sliding into DM's, vaping, and much more. If you're one of Lauren's female friends, please DM me @urlocalcoolguy , I promise you that I'm rich.
EP8 - Robin Needs Help ft. Soulja Boy
2019 Jan 2248m 59s
We report to you live from the gutter. Someone please help Robin (ladies hit him up). In this episode we talk about racism, plugs getting rinsed, Ariana Grande, and Soulja Boy. Enjoy
EP7 - James Charles for President
2019 Jan 141h 8m 48s
Robin and Matthew talk about peoples instagram bios, favourite sneakers, make-up, James Charles being president, and Lil Uzi quitting music.