Keep it movin' with Emily & Rob
  • Emily Cottone & Rob Fregosi
5 episodes
Newly engaged couple traveling the USA in their truck camper. Discussing nature, space, love and all our adventure stories.


Episode 5: Aliens
2020 May 0255m 56s
Join us while we dive into unknown questions regarding Aliens. “Are we crazy? Or did the Pentagon just release actual footage of UFO’s?!”
Episode 4- Earth Day 2020!
2020 Apr 221h 5m 32s
Happy Earth Day to all our fellow earthlings out there! Today we speak about the beauty and power of Planet Earth. This episode is specifically dedicated to Emily's sweet Uncle Johnny who recently passed away from COVID-19. He will be forever missed but never forgotten<3. We want to give a big thank you to all of the Health Care providers out there fighting this battle on today's monumental CVOID-19 Earth Day.
Episode 3- Into the Valley of DEATH!
2020 Apr 2047m 22s
Come stop by if you're interested in hearing about Emily's first bee sting (hold the mustard please), adventures driving into Death Valley National Park and learn a little about finding our sister Galaxy, Andromeda, in the night sky.
Episode 2- When you give an ant a Cheerio!
2020 Apr 1838m 53s
Dive into this podcast with us discussing adventures in Eureka for Halloween, ant curiosities and the dreaded night two on the road! Hope you enjoy!
Episode 1- How it all began
2020 Apr 1743m 10s
Hello to all our future listeners out there! My name is Emily and my hunny here is Rob. We've been traveling this beautiful country for the past 7 months and decided it was time to share a few stories, have some laughs and learn a little science! If you guys are interested and have nothing else to do in this time of quarantine, come listen along with us! We can't promise much but we hope you will be somewhat entertained! Episode 1 is where our story begins!