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Hi! I'm the founder and Executive Director of Jazz Fusion Studios, a not for profit, registered charity in Christchurch NZ! Our podcast is the way we spread awareness about the signs symptoms and effects of loneliness, anxiety, stress, and depression. Have a listen, and join the discussion!


Depression In Youth With Youthline Volunteer Counselor James
2020 Sep 2925m 39s
In this episode, we talk with a Youthline volunteer about Youth depression. Join the discussion and leave a comment if this episode helped you or if you want to ask a question or share your experiences.
Motherhood Stages and Phases With Tanya Irvin
2020 Aug 1121m 54s
In this episode, my guest -and mother- Tanya Irvin gives us her tips and advice for motherhood stress. Have a listen!
Fathery Wisdom With Frank Irvin
2020 Jul 2822m 30s
In this episode, I make a very special phone call to my father Frank Irvin. My dad gives us great advice about how to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Have a listen and let me know if any of the advice helps you!
Let's Talk Mindset with Ged Robinson
2020 Jul 0721m 5s
In this episode, I got the pleasure of talking with the talented, Ged Robinson! And might I say, I learned A TON and truly enjoyed our discussion! If you have ever struggled with your mindset, trying new things, fear, anxiety, or maybe even discovering your passions, have a listen!
Living in Lock-down with Louisa Stewart
2020 Jun 2424m 13s
In this episode, I got the pleasure of talking with my guest, creator of Facebook live show Learning with Lulu! This show started right as we entered level 4 lock down and made a big impact on a lot of parents lives all around New Zealand and Australia! Let's have a listen!
Living in Lock-down with Aimee Ataera
2020 Jun 1023m 28s
HEY! At the time of this recording, New Zealand is in a Level 2 Lock down of a 4 level system. Seems like (fingers-crossed) the worst of this epidemic has passed. So let's talk with our Guest Aimee Ataera about her personal experiences during the lock-down working as an essential worker.
Uhm.. Self Isolation Now What?
2020 Mar 2514m 53s
It has begun. Self Isolation day 1. What do we do now? What's going to happen in the next few weeks? Truth is... I don't know. We are in this together New Zealand!!! Let's use this time wisely and be intentional!!! This is gonna be EPIC! hopefully..
COVID- 19 How To Deal..
2020 Mar 2315m 58s
There is so much fear, anxiety, and stress surrounding COVID- 19. These feelings are legitimate. So let's talk about them! This is an off the cuff episode, unscripted, just me, my thoughts and my mouth. Have a listen!
Let's Talk About... Loneliness Part 3.
2020 Mar 0521m 30s
Hey Y'all!
Lets Talk About... Loneliness Pt 2
2020 Feb 2617m 9s
Lets continue the discussion about Loneliness. I want to share my story in hopes that you can relate and will share your story as well!