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What God didn't allow.
2020 May 1518m 20s
Have you ever thought about the things that God did not allow to happen.  Are there things that you prayed for sincerely only to look back and realize that it was no good for you at all.  Thank you for Lord for not always giving me what I thought I wanted.  You know what is best for me.
How do you faith?
2020 Apr 1212m 54s
We know that faith comes by hearing but do we really understand what that means.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast as well as the youtube channel and if you are interested in sponsoring a podcast send an email to sisterscafeinc@gmail.com
Multiple Streams of Income is imperative
2020 Apr 0518m 40s
Having multiple streams of income use to be just a good idea.  In today's economy and with COVID-19 we see it is imperative to have more than one income coming into our households.
Why didn't you just RSVP?
2020 Feb 0616m 17s
There is a big epidemic in the land.  People will not RSVP no matter how easy you make it for them.  Listen to this episode, which was slightly done in frustration, to learn the purpose of needed you to simply say yes or no to an invitation.
Monday Mentality
2020 Feb 0615m 56s
What is the Monday Mentality? It is our excuse to wait.  We tell ourselves we will do it in the new year, on the first or for the summer.  In all actuality we are giving ourselves permission to stay the same for a longer period of time.  STOP IT.
Why do we procrastinate?
2019 Dec 1027m 34s
This episode talks about some of the main reasons that we procrastinate so that we can recognize the behavior, learn from it and do better.
Beyond the 10%
2019 Nov 1815m 7s
Being a good steward is a person who is good at managing another persons property or financial affairs.  It  goes far beyond just tithing and offering.  Although we often equate it to money it encompasses all God has entrusted us with.  There is so much that can be said about this subject but I thought 15 minutes was enough at one time.  Feel free to leave a comment or feedback.  I would love to hear from you.
Dating after 40 & Divorce with guest S. Monique
2019 Oct 1452m 34s
The world of dating has changed tremendously since some of us were young.  Join S. Monique and myself in this conversation about dating not just after divorce but also after 40.
#EraseandReplace (Confidence)
2019 Sep 0832m 52s
Confidence has to be cultivated, developed and encouraged.  Find out what steps we can do to boost our confidence level and remember hashtag our new saying #eraseandreplace.  Erase every negative thought and replace any negative thoughts about yourself with thoughts of confidence.
2019 Aug 3029m 8s
Episode 2 talks about 4 ways that you may be living with dysfunction.