• Tyler Griffith
21 episodes
Thoughts about my life and my journey that I have been on!


2020 Oct 2521m 5s
I decided to watch the notebook by myself and record a podcast while listening to it and pausing as I went. Why, because I do weird things! I have listened back so I don’t know what this sounds like or how it will come across, but it was fun putting it together .
Living in a van, down by the river
2020 Oct 2320m 52s
I Talk about your emotions and how it’s important to try and learn to understand them and how to appreciate bad times in life.
Gavin Degraw, Soldier
2020 Oct 202m 21s
Just a little jam session to start the week out right!
Message for active Mormons
2020 Oct 1631m 53s
See people for who they are. Stop trying to control and push your agenda on others. Be open minded and listen to what others have to say. Stop living in ignorance just because you’re scared of the truth. ❤️
Life after divorce
2020 Oct 1416m 8s
I’m real about what life after divorce is like. I’m 37, so I got married before the Internet took over the world, so talk about how it’s like I stepped out of a time machine😳😳😳
Co Dependency Within Mormonism
2020 Oct 1124m 24s
Do you need others validation in order for you to feel content? That is not healthy. I talk about how I am a recovering co dependent and why its important to try and shift away from that.
Message for my kids
2020 Oct 0515m 49s
Just good advice from a dad to his kids about life!
2020 Oct 0216m 36s
How can you access the positive energy inside of you !
Uplifting message, after that wonderful debate!
2020 Sep 3011m 17s
Talk a little about the debate, about movie hidden figures, stand up comedy....
Mormon missions (swearing in this episode if that offends you)
2020 Sep 2742m 19s
Talking about being a Mormon missionary .