Glass Ceiling Talk Podcast
  • Jordan Russell
16 episodes
Making you question everything about your existence.


White teachers teaching ethnic classes
2020 Oct 239m 56s
More diversity in schools from public to private
America The Beautiful
2020 Oct 0724m 20s
Talk a little bit about why this country is great!
Covfefe Trump
2020 Oct 054m 33s
Trump got the rona DAWG!
Your Purpose
2020 Oct 0148m 18s
Talk about sports, your purpose, and how you’re going to get there.
Presidential Debate
2020 Sep 3039m 49s
This is more of a rant towards the debate, and a very special senator but I hope you all enjoy.
Black Women
2020 Sep 2547m 43s
Black Women I do love you and I don’t want you to take this in the wrong light but you all need to be held accountable as well.
Temper Tantrum Riots
2020 Sep 2416m 42s
Riots are like Temper tantrums what are you really getting out of it.
2020 Sep 2321m 43s
Things never really change they just recycle.
My Cleanse Ep. 2
2020 Sep 238m 9s
My Day yo Day process of not masturbating.
My Cleanse Ep. 1
2020 Sep 225m 54s
Cleansing of the biggest problem I face right now.