• Agus and Ben
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A podcast for kids by kids. Agustina and Benjamin created this podcast to have fun with all of you. Come join them in their adventures. New episodes every week. Thank you to our mom for helping!


Board games talk
2020 Oct 255m 59s
In this episode we talk about our favorite Board games and we tell you a special night we do to have fun as a family. Let us know which are your favorite board games!
Disney talk
2020 Oct 187m
In this episode we talk all about Disney World! We interview Monica and Ethan, huge Disney fans. Have you been to Disney? Do you agree with what we talk about in this episode? Let us know!
Pumpkin talk
2020 Oct 115m 30s
So many things going on: in person 🏫school started, 🥳 Benji turned 8, we had to move and we went to a Pumpink patch!⁣⁣⁣
Sleep talk
2020 Oct 046m 55s
Having trouble falling asleep? Listen to this episode, we give you 3 suggestions to help you. Also: interview with two friends and a DIY.
Podcast talk
2020 Sep 275m 14s
We talk about our favorite podcasts to inspire you to listen to more podcasts! We also interview Sofia and Amanda, our first guests! Would you like to be in our podcast? Follow us on Instagram @thetalkshowforkids and comment in any of our posts #thetalkshowforkidsme
Food Talk
2020 Sep 205m
In this episode we talk about our favorite food and we teach you how to make an easy, no bake dessert. Be sure to check the full recipe in our Instagram!
Hola means hello.
2020 Sep 134m 13s
We talk with our grandpa. He teaches us a couple of words in Spanish. Also we invite you to join us, go to our Instagram @thetalkshowforkids and leave a comment with the hashtag #thetalkshowforkidsme and we might pick you to appear in one of our episodes.
Good bye Summer , Hello school
2020 Sep 065m 2s
We talk about our Summer and the start of school. Make sure to listen to our other episodes.
Movie talk
2020 Aug 306m 13s
We talk about our favorite movies plus we tell you a story.Thank you to our mom for editing our podcast episode!
Book talk
2020 Aug 233m 42s
We talk about books, libraries and more. Do you have a local library? What’s your favorite book series? Share with us!