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Unique Expatriation Issues featuring John Richardson
2020 Aug 1325m 5s
Jimmy and guest John Richardson of citizenshipsolutions.ca speak about unique expatriation issues. John is a leading expert in expatriation and handles many cases involving green-card holders.  Jimmy and John discuss why it can be very difficult for US citizens living abroad to set up businesses and acquire bank accounts. For many US citizens living abroad it’s extremely difficult just to understand what is required of them.  Learn about “accidental Americans.” Don’t miss the discussion about the laws and procedures for “tax motivated” expatriation and the rules about visiting America after expatriating - watch out for the Reed Amendment! Jimmy and John go into estate planning troubles for Americans living abroad. Finally, learn who should NOT expatriate and why.
Guns - The Ultimate Asset Protection with guest Mike Abel
2020 Aug 0518m 56s
Jimmy and Mike Abel of Abel Law Group discuss firearms. There’s only so many ways you can protect yourself with careful planning. But you need to be ready to protect yourself at a moment's notice.  Own precious metals, art, and other collectables?  How do you plan on protecting them? How to do estate planning for class 3 and other weapons that require special permits? Learn about a gun trust!
American Exodus featuring guest Mark Nestmann
2020 Jul 1421m 53s
Once in a lifetime tax planning opportunity. Depressed asset prices during this economic decline has created interesting tax planning opportunities that won’t last forever. Expatriations are on the rise.
US Expatriation: Basics + Strategy
2020 Jun 2432m 47s
Jimmy and Kyle discuss the basics of US expatriation.Learn why many give up their US citizenship. Here’s a hint - it’s not just about taxes. Learn about the difference between covered and non-covered expatriates, expatriation planning, and some advanced strategies to avoid the so-called exit tax.Don’t forget about the practical side of leaving the US - Jimmy shares how expatriation can go horribly wrong.Host InformationJimmy Sexton - HostKyle Johnson - Co-host
Foundation Overview With Guest Virginia La Torre Jeker
2020 Jun 0227m 4s
Jimmy and guest Virginia La Torre Jeker discuss all things related to foundations.They explain the difference between civil law and common law jurisdictions and how US foundations different from others.Trusts get a lot of publicity and hype. But foundations are sometimes the better option.Host InformationJimmy Sexton - HostVirginia La Torre Jeker - Guest
Drugs, Alcohol & Trusts With Guest Mike Abel
2020 May 2821m 31s
Jimmy and guest Mike Abel of Abel Law Group discuss all things related to substance abuse clauses found in trust documents.Substance abuse clauses can even include alcohol. Learn how few drinks can allow a doctor to legally claim that someone has a drinking problem.The motivation behind substance abuse clauses is usually well-intentioned but they can easily be used to compromise beneficiary rights. Don’t let your good intentions be used against you and your loved ones.Host InformationJimmy Sexton - HostMike Abel - Guest
Nevis - A Jurisdiction Overview With Guests Mark Nestmann & Trey Wyatt
2020 May 1943m 10s
Jimmy talks about all things related to the jurisdiction of Nevis with special guests Mark Nestmann and Trey Wyatt.Mark and Trey directors of Fortress Trust Ltd. - a licensed registered agent in Nevis and a “licensed person” for the St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship by investment program. Learn about the unique privacy and asset protection advantages offered by Nevis.HostJimmy Sexton - HostMark Nestmann - GuestTrey Wyatt - Guest
The importance of Fitness and Diet for Kids
2020 May 1226m 50s
Jimmy discusses health and fitness for kids with guest and personal trainer Oliver Thompson of D5 executive gymnasium located in Dubai.Oliver shares his take on genetics, habits, and dispels myths about children and exercise. Host Information:Jimmy Sexton - HostOliver Thompson - Guest
The Impact of Corona Virus on Valuations
2020 May 0531m 58s
Jimmy talks with Peter Agrapides from Western Valuations Advisors about how the Coronavirus has created a unique opportunity to transfer wealth due to depressed valuations for privately held assets.Learn about estate tax, expatriation “exit tax,” and other transfer limitations.Jimmy Sexton - HostPeter Agrapides - Guest
Tax Haven Blacklists
2020 Apr 2837m 25s
Jimmy and Kyle discuss the EU’s tax haven blacklist including qualifications, noticeable absences, and how the list impacts international business and cross-border transactions.