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About Weave with Fashion: Great (Hair) Expectations!
2016 Jul 2524m 36s
We all have great expectations for our hair, but are we asking too much? Can you truly achieve the styles you see on the Gram? What's reasonable? What's fantasy? We talk about it!
About Weave with Fashion: The Evolution of Virgin Hair
2016 Jul 1827m 23s
The hair industry is changing and we're talking about it today. What's happening to "virgin" hair? Who can you trust? What's normal wear and tear? What's poor quality? We go in.
About Weave with Fashion: Help! Hairdresser Abuse
2016 Jul 1125m 18s
Last week was a holiday but we are back! And, we want to know... Are you friends with your stylist? Does your stylist abuse your friendship? Do you abuse your stylist? Is there some habitual line-stepping?
About Weave with Fashion_My Hair Won't Curl
2016 Jun 2715m 49s
Ladies (and 1 or 2 Gentlemen), we are baaaaaack! We took a break, but we are back and in full effect. This week we're talking about hair that won't curl. The do's and don'ts of curls on your weave... Enjoy!
About Weave with Fashion: Fashion Took a Hair Class
2016 Mar 0625m 37s
Fashion took a hair class. True masters are always growing. She tells us how Lil Kim and Deelishis showed up. You saw those names right. One was a participant. The other a model. Story time...
About Weave with Fashion: How Young Is Too Young for Weave?
2016 Feb 2919m 55s
This week, we're talking about kids. Maybe your kids. Do they wear weave? How young is too young? Fashion lays it down...
About Weave with Fashion: Closures Go Bald Too!
2016 Feb 2219m 35s
We're back after the holiday and talking about closures. Did you know closures go bald? Do you know how to manage them? Fashion gives us the rundown...