• Ameen
23 episodes
In these podcasts I will be sharing wisdom about the path to Liberation


Post enlightenment evolution.
2020 Aug 2524m 27s
All you wanted to know about post enlightenment evolution .
My actual experience as a liberated person
2020 Aug 0615m 51s
Here i am sharing how i perceive the world from the space of freedom.
Teachers confusing ideology and truth
2020 Jul 3016m 16s
Truth has nothing to do with what you eat or your ideology . Truth is free from any mental concepts.
Living in the present moment .
2020 Jul 2815m 4s
What does it mean to live in the present moment .
Why should you be interested in post Enlightenment ?
2020 Jul 2724m 27s
Interview by Tom Eckert
No self.No center
2020 Jul 2015m
No self.No center
How to bring meditation to daily living
2020 Jul 1715m 30s
Living in silence .
Self love
2020 Jul 1014m 23s
Why is it so difficult to let ourselves be and simply love ourselves as we are ?
An interview in hebrew about my book " Sincerity Uncompromised "
2020 Jul 0743m 13s
An interview done by the spiritual teacher Tom Eckert about my upcoming book " Sincerity Uncompromised "