The Social Chemist
  • Nelson Perez
4 episodes
Explored conspiracy theory ideologies, pedophilic behavior, and much more with host Nelson Perez a graduate student pursuing a career in Clinical Social Work. The podcast addresses the many misconceptions in American society and attempts to challenge listeners about social policies and solutions.


The Transactional Relationship Between Conspiracy Theory Producer & Consumer
2020 Oct 1618m 40s
Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, but why are people so attractive to them? What occurs psychologically to people who engage in some of the most outlandish claims. Researchers have form three explanations about how people and even you process...
The American Pedophile: The Psychological Perspective & Why We're Doing It Wrong.
2020 Sep 2424m 30s
Stigma is a social label that carries negative social consequences to certain populations in a community. No group faces more stigmatization than the pedophilic community in the United States. The definition of this population has been influenced by...
Conspiracy Theories and their Perpetrators
2020 Sep 1721m 8s
The Illuminati's plan to implement the New World Order to the LGBTQ community pushing the gay agenda for population control. Everyone is somehow apart of a conspiracy theory, but most importantly, everyone is the villain in a conspiracy. In this...
Conspiracy Theorist
2020 Sep 035m 45s
People laugh and mock conspiracy theorists for believing in wacky claims, but what if I told you, you yourself are a conspiracy theorist?