The Purpose Podcast with Dr. Jas
  • Dr. Jasmine Wise
8 episodes
The Purpose Podcast was created to show we all have different journeys to finding our purpose. Purpose can change throughout our lifetime as it can grow, shift, or diminish. On this podcast Dr. Jas asks her friends 3 specific questions tailored around their purpose and how they live it out. Let's journey to purpose together!


Ep 6. Finding Love with Jessica Kemp
2020 Oct 2249m 24s
This week was sit down with Minister Jessica Kemp to discuss the differnce between our calling and our purpose. We also dive into how your purpose can lead you to love. If you want more information about her you can find her on IG@MinJessKemp or on...
Ep. 5 Decluttering Your Garden with Anthony Miller
2020 Oct 1543m 1s
In this week's episode we're talkng about Decluttering Your Garden. What does it take to see what's really your purpose and what needs to go so you can grow. You can find more about Anthony on IG @GAnthonyMiller and on Facebook as Anthony Miller.
Ep. 4 Upbringing and Purpose with Rae Jefferson
2020 Oct 0848m 40s
Today we talk with Rae Jefferson about our upbringings and how it effects our journey to our purpose. We discuss socioeconomic status and how it can hinder or propel you toward your purpose. If you want more information about Rae you can find her on IG...
Ep. 3 Living or Existing with Daniel Kennebrew
2020 Oct 011h 6m
In this episode, we discuss purpose with Daniel and the difference between living and existing on earth. Daniel shares his wisdom on purpose comparison, roles within our purpose, and what happens when your purpose changes.  You can find him on Facebook...
Ep. 2 Purpose Vs. Passions with Toyin Akindona
2020 Sep 2438m
In this episode, Toyin and I discuss the difference between having a purpose and a passion. We discuss how they are related and if either even matters. You can find more of Toyin on her podcast Woke from Home anywhere you listen to podcasts.Spotify:...
Ep. 1 Why Matters with Trandon Welch
2020 Sep 1741m 48s
In the first official first episode, we have Trandon Welch, Dr. Jas's best friend! Trandon is a true Jack of all Trades but specializes in photography (amongst other things). We discuss why "why" matters. Trandon encourages us to get to know our "why"...
Purpose Podcast Trailer!
2020 Sep 101m 17s
Get to know the Purpose Podcast and Dr. Jas in this trailer! We cannot wait to Journey to Purpose Together!
Ep. 0.5 Practice Round with Amara Oji
2020 Sep 0315m 2s
I’m Dr. Jasmine Wise my friends call me Dr. Jas or Jasmine either one is cool and I am a Purpose Cultivator and Educator I love talking to people about their purpose and getting them one step closer to it. On this podcast and I’ll be asking my friends 3...