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McNiff’s Huddle is a twice weekly podcast featuring KARE 11’s Tim McNiff and a roster of Minnesota football and Viking legends. Each show they'll preview that weekend's game, digest the most recent contest, and find out what these football legends have been up to since they took off the pads. We'll test your knowledge of the Purple and have a few laughs as we take you where no Viking podcast has gone before! McNiff’s Huddle, your ultimate guide into the Vikings game plan.


Huddle 34: Tim and Ricky Foggie preview the Vikings in Detroit, Gopher bowl game against Georgia Tech
2018 Dec 2127m 9s
The Vikings control their own playoff fate heading into Detroit while the Gopher football team is going bowling against Georgia Tech. Former Gopher QB Rickey Foggie rejoins Tim in this episode of McNiff’s Huddle.
Huddle 33: Rickey Foggie returns to dish on the Dolphins, discuss Fleck extension
2018 Dec 1726m 53s
Rickey Foggie was a master at operating the option, before developing into a record-setting passer as a professional. Rickie talks about the new Vikings offense under Kevin Stefanski, and if the Gopher football program was right to extend the contract of head coach PJ Fleck.
Huddle 32: Previewing the Dolphins/Vikings match-up following Miami’s miraculous finish over the Pats
2018 Dec 1426m 34s
The Vikings are staggering down the stretch of the season, while the Miami Dolphins are coming off a miracle last-second win over the Patriots in a game both teams need to win.  Who wins, and will the Fish suffer a similar letdown to what happened to the Vikings in last year's NFL Championship game.
Huddle 31: Lauren Leamanczyk joins Tim to review the Vikings/Seahawks game
2018 Dec 1125m
KARE 11 Sunrise anchor and football fanatic Lauren Leamanczyk joins this week’s Huddle to break down the Vikings/Seahawks Monday night game.
Huddle 30: Previewing the Vikings/Seahawks Monday night game
2018 Dec 0729m 19s
Former Gopher and NFL offensive tackle Matt Anderle rejoins “McNiff’s Huddle” to size up the Vikings in Seattle. Plus, they talk about making the transition from college to the pros both as player and as a head coach.
Huddle 29: Matt Anderle joins Tim to talk Vikes/Pats and the fragile psyche of an offensive lineman
2018 Dec 0329m 1s
Former college and NFL offensive tackle Matt Anderle joins the Huddle to break-down Vikings vs. Patriots and to take us inside the fragile psyche of an offensive lineman.
Huddle 28: Todd Bouman gives scouting report on Tom Brady and the Patriots
2018 Nov 3026m 19s
As a former NFL QB and current high school head coach, Todd Bouman knows a lot about football. On this episode of “McNiff’s Huddle” Bouman goes deep on quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots.
Huddle 27: Todd Bouman joins Tim to review the winning Border Battle weekend
2018 Nov 2628m 42s
Former Viking QB Todd Bouman rejoins Tim McNiff to break down the season-saving win over the Packers and what beating Wisconsin to take back the Paul Bunyan Axe does for Gopher football going forward.
Huddle 26: Tim McNiff and Darrell Thompson preview border-battle weekend
2018 Nov 2327m 48s
Former Gopher and Green Bay Packer Darrell Thompson rejoins “McNiff’s Huddle” on a Border-Battle weekend. The Vikings and Packers game has playoff implications while the Gophers haven’t had Paul Bunyan’s axe in 15 years. Is this the year they finally take it back?
Huddle 25: Darrell Thompson joins Tim McNiff to break down the Vikings/Bears game
2018 Nov 1926m 41s
Minnesota high school legend, former Gopher and Green Bay Packer Darrell Thompson rejoins "McNiff’s Huddle" to break down the Vikings/Bears game.