Do Anything 4 Clout - Joseline Hernandez - Pooh from Love & Hip Hop
  • Jonell Whitt
4 episodes
Joseline Hernandez, Pooh from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Antoine Fuqua and Donald Trump. There is a lot of Clout Chasing Taking Place in these Celebrity & Reality Streets. Who gets the Crown this week?


Parents Need their list of demands met to decide if Kids Return to school this fall
2020 Jul 1213m 58s
As the numbers rise for the absurd amount of people testing positive for the Corona virus. The question remains do we send our kids to school or not. How bout we get some accountability so we feel secure. Here are our list of demands
Andrew Gillum Clout Chaser of the Week
2020 Apr 0629m 36s
Andrew Gillum Hits Major Headlines Found Passed Out in Room with Naked Male Escort
Lela Rochon Decides to Take the High Road
2019 Nov 2928m 44s
Lela Rochon decides to take the high road letting her fans know she is HAPPILY Married despite the much VIRAL mishaps of husband Antoine Fuqua lip locking with Nicole Murphy