Good Taste Bad Apple
  • Two Intellectuals
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Noah and Ethan are here to decide whether or not you have Good Taste. Spoiler alert: you don't.


2020 Sep 1642m 30s
Lucy brought us Killing Eve, Knives Out, and This Feeling (Alabama Shakes). We know that she did well enough in high school to earn her parents pride, but will she do well enough on the podcast to win the ultimate prize—Good Taste? The suspense is killing us.
2020 Sep 1054m 50s
Tucker has brought us Mad Men, The Prestige, and Masterpiece Theatre III. Will he leave the podcast triumphant, armed with the power of Noah and Ethan's incredibly meaningful approval? Can he beat Roger Ebert in a fight? You'll have to listen to find out.
2020 Sep 0141m 24s
Melia likes Guy's Grocery Games, My Neighbor Totoro, and Circle Game. She also likes giant terrifying forest demons.
2020 Aug 2550m 57s
He likes Bobs Burgers, Superbad, and Vacation Town. But should those opinions even mean anything to you, or are they just meaningless blather from someone who has no idea what they're talking about? Decide for yourself on this week's episode of GTBA.
2020 Aug 1252m 57s
He likes Fleabag, Inglorious Basterds, and Wagon Wheel. These three Offerings are heavily debated, along with band names, step-mothers, and Hoosiers basketball coach Bobby Knight.
2020 Jul 2541m 6s
She likes Psych, When Harry Met Sally, and Pretty Dirty. But are these Offerings anything more than a heaping pile of shit? Noah and Ethan embark on the first leg of their quest to find a single person with good taste. Could it be Hallie? You'll have to listen to find out!