Tangent Tuesdays
  • Kaylee & Carly
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A podcast all about the haphazard and spontaneous conversations that always seem to make their way into our *once* organized discussions.


Theory Thursday #1 - Conspiracy Theories (with Rocky)
2020 Aug 211h 38m 52s
Missing planes, underground tunnels and false credit. We talked about it all in the first episode of a new segment called Theory Thursday’s! These episodes will key in on all things creepy (which we love) and maybe.. sometimes.. we will have a guest on! Stay tuned for more! Talk to you soon!
Tangent #6 - Don’t Get Me Started (with Accents)!
2020 Aug 1952m 37s
HEY! HI! HOW ARE YA!? This week we tried to play a game called “Don’t Get Me Started!” where you are given a topic and then you must angrily rant about said topic; HOWEVEAH, we put accents on it because it was more fun that way... Hope y’all enjoy it and get a little laugh out of it! Talk to you next week!!
Tangent #5 - Serial Killers (pssst... this is your WARNING!)
2020 Jul 221h 46s
HOWDY FRIENDS!! WARNING! Hide your cereal... We are talking about some of the most prolific serial killers the US has seen and a couple that are out of these borders as well. There is talk of some disturbing topics in today's episode so beware! We will see y'all next week!
Tangent #4 - What Are YOU Afraid of?
2020 Jul 151h 4m 43s
In today’s episode, we discussed some phobias and talked about some fears that we personally experience!! Let us know what YOU are afraid of!! Talk to y’all later!!
TRAVELING Tangent #1 - Psychology and Entertainment
2020 Jul 0743m 56s
Come along with us in car, ACTUALLY MOVING on our first episode of Traveling Tangent! HOPEFULLY, one day, recording will be on our side and we will do this more often! Let’s talk again sometime!
Tangent #3 - MISSION: Birthday Bomb... wait, What the Plot?
2020 May 201h 12m 13s
Hey friends!! Today is our best friends birthday! Come along side of us while we play a super fun card game called “What the Plot?” before birthday bombing our friends car! (Obviously we didn’t know what we’d title the episode during the recording but we figured it out.)
Tangent #2 - Beaches and Degrees
2020 Apr 251h 35m 2s
HEY AGAIN! In this episode, we somehow connect our love for the beach with our opinions on college and education! Can’t wait to hear from you and we will talk soon again!
Tangent #1 - The Pilot
2020 Apr 1442m 54s
HI FRIENDS! In the first episode, we just wanted to explain the heart of our podcast as well as who we are and what we love! Hopefully y'all enjoy! Talk to you later!