• Dr Mitch Ladyman
4 episodes
If, for any reason (any reason at all) you, yourself, are unable to enjoy an adventure, then perhaps I can share an adventure with you? Maybe in nature, maybe in motorsport, or maybe even in the Arts. Come join me! Let’s disappear down the rabbit hole and see where it takes us.


Snakes life challenges Darwin’s theory of Evolution and Natural Selection
2019 Jul 0116m 40s
I’m not saying that Darwin was wrong I’m just saying that Darwin wasn’t all right and that there may be another explanation for why things are the way they are.
When is safety unsafe??
2019 Jun 2613m 42s
A veteran venomous snake relocation trainer argues against the merit of teaching the average person how to safely relocate a venomous snake? What the??
Hear, see and feel the language of dance
2019 Jun 2211m 30s
Artists that I’ve had the good fortune to move among are teaching me a language I never thought I would learn. They have taught it to my children, enabling them to express themselves in the most amazing way, and I thank them for that!
Is self preservation more important than helping a stranger?
2019 Jun 208m
What you do? If you could turn a blind eye or if you could get dead, what would you do? Really?