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Join Stephen and William as they discuss all things cinema and television that no one ever asked for... or really wanted...


Episode 9 - Horror Films, Sweethearts, and Remember to Vote!!!!!
2020 Oct 2158m 33s
We discuss horror films this time around.
Episode 8 - 90s Action Films and Hitting the Theater With Your Best Pal
2020 Oct 031h 17m 50s
The 90s were pretty good. We had some good tunes, Sunny D, and the Power Ranges! But we also had action films that gave us all the bad ass, ultra punchy, explosion filled, Cool Ranch flavored fun we enjoyed so much. Whether you were telling true lies or on the verge of sudden death, the 90s had action films to fit every pallet.
Episode 7 - Night of the Lepus, Big Ants, and Exploding Donkeys
2020 Aug 2256m 18s
Creature features are a hard game to play. Or at least a hard game to play well. And nestled safely in the outfield of slow-pitch softball monster movies is Night of the Lepus: The most non-western western to ever start giant, ketchup covered bunnies.
Episode 6 - Eliminators, Cute Robots, and Mecha-Caesar
2020 Aug 111h 2m 13s
A true diamond in the rough! Stephen and William discuss a bargain-bin sci-fi collection wonder: "Eliminators!", starring Denise Crosby. If you like cyborg man tanks, rag tag hero teams, and adorable little robots this scrappy little action showcase is for you!
Episode 5 - Pulgasari and The Dictator
2020 Jun 2848m 52s
This time, the guys recount the surprisingly true story of Pulgasari, a kaiju monster jam produced by Kim Jong Il and a group of kidnapped filmmakers intended to further North Korean anti-democracy brainwashing.
Episode 4 - Coleman Francis And His Schlock Trinity
2020 Jun 2044m 4s
This time around Stephen and William discuss Director Coleman Francis and his schlock trinity. Covering his directing style, plots of the films, and his obsession with coffee.
Episode 3 - Liquid Sky (1982): The Most Fashionable Drug
2020 May 3145m 27s
The guys discuss the lost 80s stylized, sci-fi, art film "Liquid Sky", Starring and Written by Anne Carlisle, and directed and written by Slava Tsukerman. It's a trip in itself just trying to figure out why there is so much neon, aliens, shrimp, performance art, and clothed scissoring.
Proto NAFT Episode 8 Booze and Movies: The Wonder of MST3K
2020 May 3151m 29s
MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) is once of, if not the most, iconic names in bad movies and cinema riffing. And of course Stephen and William have total nerd boners for it! Just repeat to yourself it's just a podcast, you should really just relax. It's movie sign folks!
Proto NAFT Episode 7 Booze and Movies: Batman 1989
2020 May 3150m 24s
With super hero movies as popular as they are now days it is easy to get lost, lose your roots, or difficult to remember when Batman didn't wear ultra-shiny space armor. This time Stephen and William discuss 1989's Batman starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and the Kim lady whose name no one gets right. And as always they talk about a little bit of Star Trek, because everything can be compared to Star Trek.
Proto NAFT Episode 6 Booze and Movies: Superman 4 and The Quest for Cannon Films
2020 May 3137m 40s
Stephen and William tackle the (in)famous Superman 4: The Quest for Peace. A not so canon Cannon film made with the best possible worst  timing in pseudo-political film history. They cover all the 80s-ness of Superman's nuclear struggle against his strongest and most sun poweredest foe ever: Solar... err... Nuclearman! Oh and also there's Gene Hackman and tapioca.