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Why is a Westworld podcast named "Where's the Chocolate Milk?" Good question. We know how much Westworld fans love riddles. Let us know if you figure it out. Join Megan and Paul for recaps of Season 2. We dive in headfirst with wild speculation and off-the-wall theories about what's happening and what's to come. If you wanna get in on the madness, email us at chocolatemaeve@gmail.com If you send it, we will read it. Or hit us up on Twitter @wheresmilk And if you're starting from the beginning, we've got you covered with full Season 1 recaps. Hop on the Chocolate train as we rain down chocolaty goodness all over Westworld...and beyond.


The Passenger
2018 Jun 2440m 12s
It's the Season 2 Finale and everything the creators wanted to say, has been said. And after this pod, the same can be said for me. Thanks for listening. I really appreciate you spending your precious time with me. Hope you enjoy, and until next time...
Vanishing Point
2018 Jun 1857m 10s
The penultimate episode wasn't what I expected, but it definitely gave me plenty to yap about. Hope you enjoy the pod, but I must warn you, it has a slightly negative slant. And, I'm pretty sure I set a record for long, overly dramatic exhales. But on a positive note, I wanna give a shout out to my good friends Brock and Brooke for hosting me and buying the pizza for the viewing. You two are the BEST!
Where's The Chocolate Milk Theme Song
2018 Jun 172m 25s
Thanks for listening! Here's a little bonus content, the full theme-song for the "Where's the Chocolate Milk" podcast. Hope ya dig. This week's podcast for "Vanishing Point" will be up Wednesday morning. Hope your week is off to a great start!