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U2Deadly brings you raw and uncut interviews with deadly people who discuss real issues that are effecting our local communities. Your host Ricky Boy Ah-See, is a Central West Wiradjuri Man, who has lived experience in many of the issues facing local people. Ricky has been battling internal demons for the past 10+ years and has a passion for educating others and making a change to better the lives of future generations.


Episode 2: Adam "RAMBO" Wiseman
2020 Oct 1850m 6s
Ricky Boy sits down with Adam Wiseman, a Modern day survivor from Anxiety and severe case of H, Pylori aka helicobacter pylori. Adam is a young determined Indigenous man who grew up in the bronx of Dubbo NSW and is now a Pilot Instructor, licensed skydiver, personal trainer and a proud culture man who is all about passing on knowledge to the next generation.
Episode 1. Blackfit Fitness - Joshua Thurston Toole
2020 Sep 2438m 24s
U2Deadly's Ricky-Boy sits down with Joshua Thurston Toole to discuss how "Blackfit" came about, and the positive effects that combining western ways with Traditional Indigenous Culture and Cuisine can have on ones health and wellbeing [-0-]