20 and Uncomfortable
  • Michelle Tomé
9 episodes
Hey! My name is Michelle Tomé I am 20 years old & uncomfortable. My podcast will teach you what I have learned and it will tell you what I am going through. A little bit of everything will be shared. Join me in this journey! Instagram: @20anduncomfortable 🦋


8| Domestic Violence Awareness Month, what are the signs,how to help victims, life after the abuse
2020 Oct 1520m 35s
Hey guys! For this episode I really wanted to inform you guys a little bit on domestic abuse. This topic is very personal to me because I have had different people in my life suffer from this. I hope you guys learned something & can hopefully share this with someone. Follow us on IG: @20anduncomfortablepodcast RIP REBECA & SOFIA, FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS. 👼🏻💗
7|Where have I been? How to get a job in a pandemic & how to succeed in your interview!
2020 Oct 0216m 4s
Hey guys! For this episode I gave you an update as to why I took so long to upload a new episode. I also chatted about getting a job, how to nail how your interview & tips. Thank you so much for turning in! Follow us on Instagram @20anduncomfortablepodcast
6| 21 lessons in 21 years (birthday episode)
2020 Jun 3035m 7s
Hey guys for this weeks episode I wanted to share some life lessons that I have learned over the years! Don’t forget to rate & review! @20anduncomfortable 💙
5| My faith journey & paranormal activity
2020 Jun 1650m 45s
Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all my faith journey and how I came to learn God and what it has been like. I also shared with you guys some experiences with spirits.
4| Life update, black lives matter, what is to come
2020 Jun 1216m 38s
Hey guys, this week I did not record an official episode I just wanted to talk to you guys for a little and share with you what I have in mind. I hope you are as excited as I am. (: @20anduncomfortable
How to deal with trauma, how to identify trauma, how to help those who are dealing with trauma
2020 May 2051m 30s
Hey guys! welcome to this new episode. I did not think that I would get so serious so quick but hey here we are! So for this episode I got a little personal and I shared with you guys some of the difficult things that I had to deal with in my life so far. I hope that you learned something from this episode. let me know what you thought of it on instagram @20anduncomfortable (:
life before quarantine, life in quarantine & life after quarantine
2020 May 0646m 18s
this episode is just a chill one. i wanted to chat with you guys and remind you that we are all in this together. we will get through quarantine and just how i have been dealing with quarantine on my end. i hope you enjoy it! 💙
How did i get here? First job, learning english, moving to another country, friends
2020 Apr 2638m 13s
Hey guys welcome to my first episode! I just wanted to introduce myself so you guys could get to know me a little bit better. I hope you enjoy it! my friends clothing line @roxanne.rachel.vintage follow me on instagram! @20anduncomfortable @michellettome