• Jules Knowlton and Leona Vander Molen
4 episodes
Quidvis is a podcast about anything and everything. Mother daughter duo Jules and Leona talk different topics each week, exploring the wider world as well as their own personal lives. (Our logo background is an image by Paweł Czerwiński, from Unsplash. You can find them on instagram @pmcze)


Horoscopes, etc.
2020 Sep 2959m 44s
An Aries Rooster and a Gemini Dog started a podcast. Leona and Jules talk about their horoscope charts, the Chinese Zodiac, tarot cards, personality tests, and any number of personal mysticisms.
Personal Fashion
2020 Sep 191h 19m 16s
Leona and Jules talk fashion with what's influenced them, favorite closet items, and most hated trends. Bell bottoms, high-waisted everything, chonky sneaks, and more! See pictures of some of the clothes mentioned on instagram @quidvispodcast
Disasters in the Cold
2020 Aug 311h 13m 15s
In this episode Leona and Jules each talk about their favorite wilderness disaster in the cold, by the cold, and with the cold. Hear about the race to the South Pole and the 2008 K2 Disaster on this episode of Quidvis!References mentioned:South Pole:The...
Things That Scare You
2020 Aug 291h 4m 19s
In this episode Jules and Leona tackle the things that keep them up at night, discussing all kinds of fears but mostly a lot of spiders.