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Rosemary, Phil and whoever talk about the nation, politics, and whatever else comes up. It's twenty minutes of amateur hour commentary!


Trump got it 🤦🏼‍♀️🦠
2020 Oct 0339m 20s
Now, what do we do? Trump has COVID and the whole World is now flipped upside down. We talk about what we know after bingeing news for a few days and put our kitchen table Lightweights spin on it. Phil's sorry if he is mean.
Netflix Boycott, 9/11/2020, WH Books Galore! 📚
2020 Sep 1121m 3s
In this episode, Rosemary and I touch on 9/11, and we talk about the plethora of books out covering the White House with most of the time spent on Too Much and Never Enough by Mary Trump. Cancel culture thankfully hits Netflix. Nice guy Michael Cohe
Minisode - Trump's "Suckers and Losers'
2020 Sep 0511m 22s
The President called for a snap press conference to address an article in the Atlantic which sourced several past White House Officials that Trump has often disparaged America's service men and women.
RNC Convention and the Week from Hell! 🔥
2020 Aug 3043m 48s
What an awful week! Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any worse we have Hurricane Laura, the Republican Nation Convention of Fear, Protesters facing off armed. Ugh... is it just us or has the country gone crazy?!
Day 3 DNC and Bannon heads to the hoosegow!
2020 Aug 2020m 27s
We talk about Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention and the arrest of Steve Bannon along with the usual banter about Trump and his cult.