Mr. E’s Music Podcasts
  • Kevin Endres
5 episodes
This is an educational podcast for the classes I teach as a music teacher. Go and check out my work!


Little Richard!
2020 Sep 0810m 49s
Just a quick overview of Richard Penniman aka Little Richard.
Who is Fats Domino?
2020 Sep 0312m 53s
A brief overview of information about Fats Domino. All the information can be found on
The National Audience- The Big Bang of Rock n Roll
2020 Aug 2612m 9s
This episode focuses in on the ground work that would eventually be Rock Music.
THE MESSAGE- The landmark track from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
2020 Aug 2614m 41s
Just a bit of how the track The Message impacted things in hip hop!
Episode #1- DJ Kool Herc
2020 Aug 2412m 32s
This is just a bit about his life and how the Father of Hip Hop got started and was known for.