A Journey of Self Discovery
  • Jacqui Greene
8 episodes

Live In Conversation: With influential coaches, mentors, healers and other lifestyle and health experts from around the world.
Live Coaching & Mentoring: Monthly from me.


Episode 8: LIVE in Meditation - Gratitude
2020 Oct 0237m 47s
A group meditation session around the topic "Gratitude".
Episode 7: LIVE in Coaching - Are you a priority?
2020 Sep 2824m 57s
In this episode, I coach around the topic "Are you a priority" and why this is so important, especially in today's world.
Episode 6: LIVE in Conversation: With Lilly Badcock
2020 Sep 2452m 57s
Lilli intuitively guides others to their true life purpose and gives them the confidence to step into that. ‚Äč
Episode 5: LIVE in coaching - You are amazing
2020 Sep 1225m 54s
What makes you, you?
Episode 4: LIVE in meditation - Loving Kindness
2020 Sep 0322m 4s
A beautiful meditation for feeling and expressing compassion to yourself and others
Episode 3: With Global MakeUp Artist & Mentor Brooke Price - The Worthy Woman
2020 Aug 30
LIVE in conversation with Brooke Price Global MakeUp Artist and Mentor
Episode 2: With Magali Magistrale - How doing what you truly desire offers you a wonderful life
2020 Aug 2029m 6s
Magali Magestrale talks about her experience of what can happen when you follow that internal pull for purpose
Welcome to the A Journey of Self Discovery Podcast
2020 Aug 191m 53s
Welcome the A Journey of Self Discovery podcast