Canceled W/Caleb Synan and Troy Walker
  • Troy Walker
3 episodes
Comedians Caleb Syan (Conan, Comedy Central) and Troy Walker (Late Late Show, Comedy Central) riff on politics and pop culture from a moderately informed point of view. Episodes feature guests, monologue jokes, and general bullshit


2020 Sep 2854m 23s
Caleb and Troy ramble about the current state of politics, the RNC, and cutting old friends loose.
2020 Sep 031h 22m 50s
Troy has been drinking because pandemic and he and Caleb ramble about wine, George W. Bush, the DNC and Joe Biden, and Barack Obama kicking our asses!
2020 Sep 011h 2m 10s
Caleb and Troy decide on the name for their new podcast, discuss the worst parts of losing an election, reminisce about losers of yesteryear, react to Joe Biden picking Kamala Harris as VP and do free advertising of food delivery services. Look at all that content on day one!