Big Girl Status
  • janelle holmes
9 episodes
"Big Girl Status" is a Podcast produced to shed light and discuss a day in the life of a plus size woman we will be touching on a range of topics from big girl stereotypes to plus size dating. host Nellie will keep you tuned in and entertained in each segment with her witty realness and open mindness Lets get into it !!!


Big Girl Big Freak 💦
2020 Sep 1715m 24s
Let's talk about it... is it true big girls aim to please ? Do they have a sexual advantage over other women? Lets get into it !!
Why Don't You Just Lose The Weight?
2020 Sep 0720m 24s
On this episode I invited my Bestfriend Regina to discuss the struggles with weight loss and how uneasy it is to just loose the weight we go in depth on a range of things ladies we are keeping it real
Big Girl Rivalry
2020 Aug 3013m 52s
Soooo is it true? Do Big Girls Have A Unspoken Rivalry Amongst Each Other... Lets Get Into it !!!!
Are Big Women Better Lovers.?
2020 Aug 2312m 46s
There has been alot of talk around big women being great lovers lets talk a little about this topic && see what the buzz is lol
Closet Freak
2020 Aug 1013m 14s
Is it True most men feel the need to keep women who aren't of a certain beauty standard hidden to avoid backlash ? Special Guest Adriane K helps me speak on this topic !
Big Women, Little Men
2020 Aug 0312m 10s
So there is a underlying truth that alot of little men prefer & pursue bigger women... we'll be taking a little dive on this topic! Let's Get into it
The "Fat" Friend
2020 Jul 2614m 6s
On this topic I really went in depth on being the fat friend... the known and unknown such a good topic get into it !
Do Big Girls Trick Off On Men?
2020 Jul 1910m 18s
There is HUGE conception that Big Women cater to men financially... is this a fact or a myth? Let's get into it...