Scary but True Campfire Stories
  • Matthew S Newbold
6 episodes
Listen around the Campfire or anywhere. Scary but True stories of the Supernatural, UFO's, Bigfoot, or just overall creepiness! Stories submitted by listeners as well as Host and friends. Hosted by Audiobook narrator and Las Vegas Entertainer Matthew S Newbold, stories revised and written by author Bradley Oliger and Matthew S Newbold


The Strange Abduction Of Denny Thrush
2020 Oct 2325m 19s
A Strange account of a UFO abduction and a message of time travel that sent a hapless wayfarer into the crosshairs of a government conspiracy.  Was Denny able to travel through time? or did the government finally get what they wanted?Click here to donate and keep us going:
The Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy
2020 Oct 0428m 42s
Scary but True stories:  During the night of the infamous Las Vegas shooting, strange events took place that the authorities did not want anybody to know about.  Even going so far as to threaten and possibly drugging people involved!  Was a conspiracy by our government somehow uncovered by a Vegas musician?   Share your Scary but True Story by emailing us:
Stop an Alien Abduction and Bigfoot in Utah
2020 Sep 2226m 31s
Scary but True Campfire Stories Episode 4.  An Abduction is stopped!  I was actually able to repel the creature that came in my room.  Also a story about Bigfoot in Utah. Share your Scary but True Story by emailing us:
The Wooden Ouija Board
2020 Sep 1524m 35s
A Scary but True story about kids messing around with the infamous Ouija Board while the parents are away.  Strange Demonic activity proceeds to take place.  Purchase Audiobooks narrated by Matthew S Newbold: Share your Scary but True Story by emailing us:
The Stolen Cursed Book
2020 Sep 1219m 23s
Scary but True stories:  A story about an "Alien Abduction" book that is surrounded by creepy circumstances.  Almost as if the book is trying to come to life.
The House On Girdam Road and The Bell Witch Haunting
2020 Sep 0623m 19s
Scary but True stories:  Two high school kids have a mysterious encounter with a strange house on a dark spooky road... and the legend of the Bell Witch from Tennessee takes on an evil manifestation.  Don't miss the first episode.