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In this podcast am explaining why we are on podcasting platform and how can it help you.


Time -Money -Mental peace & Engineering
2019 Aug 284m 50s
In this podcast I have discussed about engineering entrance exam and why you should think before applying for it .
Theory of compartmentalisation
2019 Aug 223m 4s
We should not exhaust our energy blindly , there is a concept of compartmentalisation to maximise the outputs with respect to input. Listen to this podcast and you will get to know everything
Procastination and a simple method to overcome
2019 Aug 202m 18s
In this episode I have tried to explain procastination of our daily life and have given a method to overcome it .
Our podcasts will also be available now
2019 Aug 181m 46s
In this podcast we are explaining that why we are on podcasting platform now