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Welcome to the Let’s Talk About It Podcast, a series of interviews led by Denise and Beth. In this podcast, we will bring you West Texas community members telling their stories of segregation, integration, and hope in Midland, Texas. By understanding and acknowledging our past, we can make a positive difference for the future of Midland.


Trish Humes Speight
2020 Oct 1446m 56s
Trish Humes Speight is a Midland community member who graduated from Midland High in the 1980s. Her father, Parker Humes, chaired the steering committee for the Midland Alliance, helping the MISD elementary schools integrate, and served two terms as a school board member in the 1970s and 1980s.  He served as Board President for two of those years. Hear what it was like to grow up as a child of a school board member during tumultuous times.
Ruth Nelms Hemphill
2020 Oct 1342m 9s
Ms. Ruth, a Carver Jr/Sr High School graduate, shares her story of living in segregated Midland, her family’s commitment to Midland, and love of Carver Jr/Sr High School.
Margaret Williams
2020 Oct 0130m 20s
Mrs. Margaret Williams, 92 years old, and mother of Former Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams, shares her amazing story of segregation, education, adaptation, and rising above. In 1961, under the direction of her husband, head coach Johnny Williams, Carver won the Texas state football championship, the first state championship of any kind for Midland.
Iris Hall-Sanders & Evelyn Dixon
2020 Sep 2859m 24s
Ms. Iris and Ms. Evelyn share their stories of attending Carver Jr/Sr High School, and how their beloved alma mater prepared them for adulthood. They share their experiences of growing up segregated in Midland, and how that has shaped their thoughts, attitudes, and actions.
Robbyne Fuller
2020 Sep 2036m 24s
Robbyne Fuller, entrepreneur and long time Midland resident, shares her story of growing up during segregation, being a young married, working woman in Midland, and being a force for positive change in the community.
John Gillian
2020 Sep 1516m 25s
John Gillian, a long time educator in West Texas, shares his story of growing up in segregated Odessa and teaching at Robert E. Lee High School, in Midland, Texas.
Craig Campbell
2020 Sep 1110m 54s
Craig Campbell graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in Midland, Texas, the last year it was segregated. Listen to his story as he shares his experience during segregation and integration.
Dr. John McAfee
2020 Sep 101h 4m 38s
Dr. John McAfee is a long time educator who grew up in East Texas. Listen to hear his experience growing up in a small, rural, segregated town, coming of age during the civil rights movement, and his experience after coming to Midland, Texas as an educator.
Rosalind Redfern Grover
2020 Sep 0936m 46s
Rosalind Redfern Grover grew up in Midland. Her mother was on the Midland School Board when Brown v. Board of Education ruled that “separate but equal was not equal” in 1954. Hear her story of growing up, living, and leading in Midland, Texas.