The Birding Tools Podcast
  • Christa Rolls, Birding Tools
7 episodes
A weekly exploration of all things birdwatching and bird ID for birding beginners and those simply interested in learning more about the wonderful world of birds.


The Spooky World of Birds: Spooky Birds Demystified
2020 Oct 2820m 24s
In this episode, I dive into some (seemingly) spooky birds and bird myths and demystify them!
Best Ways to Connect with Other Birders
2020 Oct 2118m 14s
In this episode, let's chat about the best ways to connect with other birders, from randomly meeting birders at the park to planned birding events.
How to Prepare for a Global Big Day and Weekend of Birding
2020 Oct 1418m 36s
In this episode, we dive into the Global Big Day and Global Birding Weekend, including what they are and how you can get involved.
The Basics of Birding Ethics
2020 Oct 0613m 54s
In this episode, I delve into the basics of birding ethics, including how to reduce impacts on birds, their habitats, and fellow birders.
Anatomy of a Field Guide
2020 Sep 2915m 50s
In this episode, I’ll be getting into the anatomy of your bird field guide, including what makes a great field guide and how it’s organized.
Ten Tips for Selecting Binoculars
2020 Sep 2213m 6s
This week, I'll be delving into the ten things to keep in mind when selecting a pair of binoculars. This important tool should fit YOU well!
Start Birding with these Five Steps
2020 Sep 1813m 16s
This week I’ll be getting into the top five things you need to get started with birdwatching. Birders need binoculars and a field guide, but what else?